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Patrick Loftus Hills (OX 1984) visit September 2016

Xavier College was fortunate to have Patrick Loftus-Hills (OX 1984) visit the College in September 2016. Patrick’s family has a long history at Xavier with three generations having attended Xavier College.

Patrick was delighted by the Loftus-Hills Family Music Scholarship recipients, Raoul D’Souza, Brenny Dinh, Andy Park and Huang Cao who performed for him, demonstrating their extraordinary musical talents. It was a reminder to us all what the true spirit of giving back means and what it means to families fortunate enough to receive the Scholarship. Patrick has donated funds which have been directed towards the provision of Scholarships for four boys from Year 9 through to Year 12 to study Music at Xavier.

The music students embody everything I was hoping for in a Scholarship student. Exceptional music ability, wholehearted involvement, leadership and a well-rounded approach

Patrick-Loftus Hills (OX 1984)

Thu, 1 Sep 2016