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The Foundation acknowledges the generous gifts donated by many friends of Xavier. Each and every donation, large and small, is received with gratitude and helps to consolidate what so many earlier benefactors have provided for the students of today and tomorrow.

Gifts to the Foundation in support of the College result in Foundation membership, with cumulative giving totals defining the category of membership held.

They are as follows:




(over $1,000,000)

Anthony and Janine Burgess
Estate of the late Brian Condon (OX 1950)
Mary Carmel Condon Charitable Trust
The late Brian (OX 1944) and the late Ann Dooley

Eldon Hogan Trust (OX 1938)
Jean Elizabeth (Betty) Ryan Charitable Trust
John Kerr Tutton Trust (OX 1931)
Margaret Littledale Tutton Trust
Norman, Mavis and Graeme Waters Perpetual Charitable Trust


($250,000 to $999,999)

Rita and the late James Andre (OX 1928) 
Jack (OX 1962) and Meg Bowen
Wallace and Joan Cameron

Estate of the late John Crosbie (OX 1937)
The late Brendan (OX 1946) and the late Margaret Dooley
Christopher and Kathy Garnaut
James Gorman (OX 1976)
Penny Gorman
Estate of the late Joseph Hannigan (OX1946)
The late John Kearney AM QC (OX 1949) and the late Alison Kearney

Patrick Loftus-Hills (OX 1984) and Konnin Tam
Estate of the late Frank Murphy AM (OX 1949) and the late Helen Murphy
Tony and Genny Nunan
Old Xaverians' Association
The late Lindsay and the late Joan Quinn
Society of Jesus
Peter (OX 1959) and Patricia Walsh
Xavier College


($100,000 to $249,999)

The late John Bailey (OX 1950)
Bob Stewart of Kew
Michael Buxton AM (OX 1963) and Janet Buxton

Rose-Mary Cassin
David & Debbie De Souza
Paul Ferla and Jan Mackey
The late Kevin (OX 1961) and the late Margaret Gange
The late Bernard (Ben) Gannon AO (OX 1969)

GENTO Foundation
Estate of Patricia Frances Hanslow
The late Frank Hargrave AO 
Anthony and Ruth Hynes
Jesuit Community – Xavier College
James and Catherine King

Mary and the late Gordon Laird (OX 1943)
The late Edward Marron (OX 1936) 
Dr John Murphy Charitable Trust (OX 1963)
Edward Northam (OX 1986) and Olivia Jackson

Walter and Lina Pahor
The late Charles Rigg (OX 1883)

Fergus Ryan AO KCSG and Judy Ryan
Scanlon Family
Scanlon Foundation
The Todaro Family

Patricia and the late John Webb (OX 1947) 
Margot Williams (In loving memory of Felicity Jessup Williams with support of her siblings Andrew, Amanda, Prudence and Nicholas)
Xavier College Fathers' Association

Xavier College Mothers' Association







($30,000 to $99,999)

Paul Adami (OX 1995)
Pam Ahern
Bowen Family
Estate of the late Benedict Burgess (OX 2007)
Burke Hall Fathers’ Association
Burke Hall Mothers’ Association
Andrew Burnes (OX 1979)

Cinzia Burnes
June and the late Peter Callil (OX 1952) 
Mary and the late Christopher Callinan (OX 1966)
Christopher Carr (OX 1994)
Stephen (OX 1974) and Kate Case
Bernadette Chambers
Kim Chambers
Joan and the late Jock Chappell (OX 1952) 
Class of 2016
Class of 2017
Anthony (OX 1964) Considine
The late Donna Merwick Dening 
Janene and the late Graham Dethridge 
William (OX 1968) and the late Margaret Downey
Lisa and the late Garry Dumbrell
Edward Exell AM (OX 1957) and Frances Exell
Dale and Maia Fitzgerarld
The late Frank (OX 1920) and the late Peg Foley
The late Alfred Gange (OX 1991)
Michael (OX 1967) and Helen Gannon
Gregory Hargrave (OX 1989)
Higgins Family

The late Marice Hurley
Ned Ireland (OX 1995)

Ireland Brown Constructions
Italian Consulate Melbourne
David and Vivienne Jenkins
Gerard and Tania Keeghan
Kift Family
Kingfam Foundation
Majorie May Kingston Trust
The late Emery Kiss
Kostka Hall Fathers' Association
Kostka Hall Mothers' Association
James (OX 1962) and Ann Lally
William Lally KC (OX 1963) and the late Susan Lally
Mark (OX 1986) and Eli Lo Giudice
Geoffrey and Nanette Lord
John MacIsaac (OX 1979)
Peter (OX 1966) and Christine Mahon
Paul and Maree McCaffrey

Julian McMahon AC and Bernadette McMahon
The late William Meredith (OX 1924)
Estate of late Roderick Moore (OX 1948)
Frank and Maggie Morandini
The late Frank Mulcahy (OX 1927) and the late Betty Mulcahy
Allan Myers AC KC and Maria Myers AC
Peter (OX 1980) and Andrea Nankivell
Frank O’Brien (OX 1966) and Mary Jo Waters
Noel and Carmel O'Brien Family Foundation
Patrick O'Brien
Peter (OX 1958) and Clare O'Callaghan
Kevin O'Connor (OX 1961)
Pratt Foundation
The late Joan Quinn
John Ralph AC KCSG and Barbara Ralph
Denis Roche (OX 1962)
Ken Roche AO (OX 1960) and Gail Roche
Roche Family
The late Diana Ryan
Joseph Santamaria (SPC 1966) and Susan Santamaria
Paul (OX 1963) and Margarita Schneider
The Sheehan-Birrell Foundation
The late Dorothy Slatterie
Jackie and the late Peter Smith (OX 1946)
Richard (OX 1963) and Yvonne Spillane
Marie and the late Bob Stewart OAM
The late Jack (OX 1935) and the late Honor Stutt
The late Frank Sweeney AM (OX 1932) and the late Molly Sweeney
Michael and Maria Tehan
Sir Donald Trescowthick AC KBE and Lady Shirley Trescowthick
The late Ray and the late Nevenka Tucker
The late Karl Ulmi (OX 1950)
Paul and Colleen Walker
Kevin and Eileen Walsh
Philip and Jane Webb
Nick (OX 1987) and Claudine West
Peter and Anne Wight
Lloyd Williams (OX 1957)
The late Dr Hugh Wirth AM, CGSJ (OX 1957)
Christopher Wren KC (OX 1967) and Penelope Wren
Xavier Past Parents' Association




($15,000 to $29,999)

Philip (OX 1956) and Catherine Adami
AXA Australia
Lesley Bailey
Thomas (OX 1977) and Bernadette Batten

Darcy Brennan (OX 1955) and Deborah Galbraith 
Valerie & the late Prof Peter Burley 

The Michael and Janet Buxton Foundation
Mary-Anne Carmody and the late Adam Bisits

Civil and Civic
Cecilia and the late Bernard Clarke 
Juliana and the late Lance Coburn 
Collier Charitable Trust
Connellan Family
The late Brian Coppin (OX 1952)
David Curtain AM KC (OX 1966) and Sally Curtain
Bernard (OX 1950) and Margaret Curtis
Demaria Family
Matt Dimattina (OX 1987) and Paula Bridges

Michael (OX 1966) and Patricia Dobson
Paul (OX 1950) and Marcia Donaghue 

Paula and the late Simon Donahoe (OX 1962)
Brendan Donohoe and Edel Mulkerrin
Established Tree Transport
Geraldine Farrell and Andrew Benston 
Adrian and Julie Fitzpatrick
Margaret and the late Geoffrey Flatman 

The late Colin Flecker (OX 1937)
Fondazione Cassamarca
The late Paul Fountain OAM and the late Anita Fountain
The late Frank Galbally
Adrian and Margaret Gardner

The Glenholme Foundation
Anthony Gobbo (OX 1969)
Charles and Cornelia Goode Foundation
Joseph and Jeanie Hachem
Rob and June Harding
The Hardwick Brothers

Andrew and Val Harmon
Michael (OX 1965) and the late Lesley Johnston
David (OX 1972) and Julie Kift
Mark (OX 1976) and Frederika Laurie
Ron and Joesphine Loccisano
Kevin Lyons SC (OX 1983)
Anthony and Rosalie Macken

Margaret Mathai
Matthew Mathai
Chris and Denise McCabe
The late Brian (OX 1947) and the late Kathleen McCarthy
Sandra and the late Alister McLean (OX 1930
Paul (OX 1966) and Georgina McSweeney
The late Michael (OX 1959) and the late Judy Minahan
Claire O'Callaghan OAM and the late Barry O’Callaghan AO (OX 1954)

John and Francesca O'Grady
Vincent and Colleen Papaluca
Rochelle Pattison (OX 1985) and Katherine Forrest
The late Rev Fr Eric Perkins
The late Victor and the late Lila Peters

Nina and the late John Plunkett (OX 1970)
Anthony (OX 1977) and Anne Prowse
Robert (OX 1978) and Therese Ralph
Tony and Margaret Reeves
John Regan (OX 1951) and Dawn Hill-Regan
Ric and Marisa Reid
Richards Family
The late Rev Fr Gerald (Paul) Ryan OAM (OX 1931)
The late Don Sanders (OX 1948)
Anthony (OX 1955) and Karen Scarff
Bruno & Rita Secatore
Stegley Community Advocacy Training

Wayne and Marina Stevenson
Alice and the late Ken Vaughan
Max Walters (OX 1950)
David and the late Catherine Wark



($7,500 to $14,999)

3 Point Motors
Estate of the late Eileen Abbott
Val (OX 1953) and Christine Adami
Arthur Family
Raymond and Jennifer Ball
Rodney and Mrs Barnett
Maria and the late David Barro AO
Graham and the late Leoncia Bastin
Brendan (OX 1953) and Genevieve Belleville
John (OX 1974) and Deborah Bertocchi
Lou (OX 1980) and Mary Bevilacqua
Brian and Marie Blair
Marisa and the late Natale Bonacci
Michael Breen (OX 1963)
Rosalind and the late John Breen (OX 1966)

Burke Family
Richard Burke (OX 1970) and Ann Benton
Nicholas (OX 1974) and Andrea Burne
The late Richard (OX 1931) and the late Pat Buxton
William and Elena Bytheway
Paul and Paula Caine
Christopher Caleo KC (OX 1982) and Daniela Caleo
Dominic Campion and Michele Dupont-Campion
Hiltje and the late Bill Carroll (OX 1952) 
E Chandler
Paulus and Teresa Chu

Patrick (OX 1983) and Jodie Cody
Peter (OX 1958) and Lee Cole
Combined Campus Associations

Anne and John Connellan
Sally and the late Chris (OX 1966) Connellan
Paul (OX 1987) and Laura Conroy
Patrick (OX 1993) and Kate Cooney
John Corcoran AM (OX 1973) and Gillian Corcoran
Peter (OX 1982) and Kate Crock
John Curtin AM and Mary Curtin
Gerard (OX 1980) and Libby Danckert
Denis and Kerry Davies
Gerald Delany (OX 1969)
Dom Dimattina OAM and Marg Prendergast
John Donovan (OX 1969)
John (OX 1979) and Jennifer Dooley
Michael (OX 1974) and Lisa Dooley
Michael and Kimberly Downes
The late Frank (OX 1950) and the late Rita Dyett
Chris (OX 1974) and Loretta Ellis
Bob and Marie Emmitt
Matthew and Anne English

Michel (OX 1997) and Kate Esnault
Damien (OX 1989) and Emma Farrell
Margaret Ferla
David and Julienne Finney
The late Fred & the late Kittty Flowers
Robert and Julie Forte
Peter Gill AM and Margaret Gill

Timothy Ginnane SC (OX 1970) and Joanne Lynch
Lady Shirley Gobbo and the late Sir James Gobbo AC CVO (OX 1948)
Michael (OX 1965) and Rita Green
Leo (OX 1954) and Carole Hart

Anthony and Kate Healy
Shane and Bernadette Healy
Paul (OX 1963) and the late Jenny Henderson
Higgins Coating Pty Ltd
The late Frank Howard (OX 1939)
Margot and the late Anthony Hulett
John & Ljuba Innes
Italian Assistance Association
Patrick (OX 1961) and the late Mrs Jones
John and Bridget Jordan
The late Mary Kearney
Jennifer and the late Simon Kearney (OX 1958) 
Raymond and Annemaree Lanteri
Michael (OX 1972) and Jennifer Lefebvre
Alf and Dianne Long
Noel Magee KC and Anne Magee
The late Frank Malone (OX 1930)
Richard Manly KC (OX 1974) and Angie Manly
Victor and Josephine Mar
Mano Markovic
David and Jane Martin
Gavan Martyn and Rosemary Sheehan
Dominic and Mrs Mattioli
Michael McClusky (OX 1971)
The late John (OX 1940) and the late Mary McGauran
Helen and the late Allan McLean (OX 1952)
Bernard and Elizabeth McMahon
John (OX 1959) and Jan McMichan
Geraldine and the late Peter McNamara (OX 1947)
Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc
James Mighell SC (OX 1975) and Alison Mighell
Joseph Mirabella
The late Tom Molomby CBE MBE (OX 1934) and the late Joan Molomby
Hayden and Jacqui Morris
Graham Morrison (OX 1973) and Gabrielle Kennedy
Wayne Morrison AM (OX 1961) and Serena Morrison
The late Jim (OX 1943) and the late Margot Mortensen
Annette and the late Bill Mullany (OX 1964)
Chan Ng
Stuart Nixon (OX 1959)
John Noonan SC (OX 1973) and Margaret Noonan
Justin O’Day AM (OX 1962) and Sally O’Day

Lawrence (OX 1970) and Anna O'Halloran
Maurice and Ruth O’Shannassy
The late Brian (OX 1937) and the late Margery O’Shaughnessy

Bart and Chris Oude-Vrielink
The late Kevin (OX 1946) and the late Liz Owen
Frank Peck OAM and Geraldine Peck
Helen and the late Peter Peppard (OX 1940)
The late Jim and the late Moira Peters
Gerard Pirera (OX 1977)

The late Stan Power (OX 1918)
Brian and Holly Reid
Richard Reid (OX 1986)
Peter (OX 1956) and the late Patricia Rhoden
Paul (OX 1974) and Maree Santamaria
Quinton Scalzo AM and Lina Scalzo
Peter Scanlon AO
Terry and Annabelle Scanlon
Michael and Maria Shannon
Graham Sharp and Liz Morgan
Kevin and Aileen Shea
Kevin Sheedy AO and Geraldine Sheedy
Francis and Anne Shelton
Mike and Dianne Siebel
The late Kevin (OX 1947) and the late Tikki Silk
Michael Sitzler (OX 1978)
Peter (OX 1957) and Marsha Slattery
Caroline and the late Clive Smith OAM 

Tricia and the late Michael Somerville (OX 1957) 
Francis (OX 1988) and Elizabeth Stewart
The late Eric (OX 1912) and the late Florence Stoney
The late Stan and the late Kathleen Studman
Patrick (OX 2006) and Kate Tehan
Gerald (OX 1961) and Mary Terrill
Hilary and the late Richard Tracey AM RFD KC
Sophie Treleaven
The late Nevenka Tucker
Elsie and the late Carlo Valmorbida
The late Beryl Waldron
Timothy Walker KC and Brigid Nossal
The late Frank Warrington-Smythe (OX 1946)
John Waters (OX 1969)

Michael Waugh and Frances Hogan
Gavan (OX 1961) and Stephanie Woodruff
Christopher Worsnop (OX 1975) and Michelle Tellus
Ferdinand (OX 1967) and Catherine Zito



($2,500 to $7,499)

Richard and Martha Adams
Eugene and Michelle Agius
Philip and Frances Aiken
John & Marie Aitken
Philip Alston (OX 1967) 

Richard Alston AO (OX 1959) and Margaret Alston
The late Sir Kevin Anderson (OX 1928)
Lester and Thelma Andrade
Roger Andre (OX 1962)
James (OX 2002) and Miriam Anthony
Emilio and Diane Antonello
Barry and Elizabeth Armstrong
John and Angela Arthur
Maureen and the late Louis Arthur 
Bill (OX 1965) and Debi Atherton
Kenneth and Anne Badenoch
Ian and Joan Ball
Dominic and Leanne Barbaro
Anthony and Catalina Barcellona
Adelina and the late Marc Barro 
John and Carol Barry
William and Geraldine Barry
Diedre and the late Alan Basham
Peter and Ann Beck
Peter Beech (OX 1978)

Enrico (OX 1968) and Margaret Belli
Dalmiro and Clare Bellio

Amanda Benson
Mario and Genevieve Bernardi
Gerald and Suzie Betts
The late John Billings AM (OX 1935) and the late Evelyn Billings
Mark and Marie Bishop
James and Jan Bitcon
Gavan (OX 1960) and Annette Black
Peter and Deidre Black
Dianne and the late Bernie Blight 
Graeme and Jill Bloom
John and Patricia Bloom
Boris Bodanac
Antonio and Mirella Boemo
The late Wilhelmus and the late Jane Boerkamp
The late Helen Boffa
Philip and Julie Boland
Bernie Bongiorno KC
Ralph and Irene Booth
Frank and Colleen Bosci
Jo-Ann and Daniel Bourke
Colin and Imelda Bourke
Francis and Kerry Bourke
Peter and Jane Bourke
Graeme and Carol Bowker
Kimberley and Regina Boyden
Pedro and Jean Braga
Peter (OX 1962) and Mary Brewer
Les and Alison Bright
David and Margaret Brookes
Nancy and the late Anthony Brown (OX 1943) 
Tim Brown
Henry Burger AO (OX 1950) and Jennifer Burger
Michael (OX 1953) and Denise Burke
Peter (OX 1963) and Ninamary Burke
Sean Burke
Timothy and Jacqui Burke
Brian and Carmel Burmeister 
Joan and the late William Burne (OX 1941) 
James (OX 1982) and Bernadette Burnes
The late John Burnes (OX 1955)
Peter and Dianne Burt
Mario and Daniela Butera
John and Dianne Button
Peter (OX 1964) and Tricia Byrne
Michael and Tania Cain
Niall (OX 1968) and Catriona Cain
Lois and the late Robert Caleo

Peter and Mrs Caleo

Vincent and Marie Camera
Kevin and Judith Campbell
Mark and Kathryn Campbell
Brent Cannon
Charles and Denise Capocasale
Neil and Bernadette Carabine
Mary and the late John Carew (OX 1942) 
Philip and Margaret Carey
The late Con and the late Mrs Carmody
Jennifer and the late Geoffrey Carr (OX 1962) 
John (OX 1967) and Mary Carroll
Richard and Catherine Carter
The late Richard (OX 1943) & the late Brenda Case 
Anthony (OX 1962) and Robyn Cass
Andrew (OX 1979) and Bronwen Cavallo
Cavanagh Family
John and Barbara Chamberlin
Robert and Olga Chapman
Charities Aid Foundation America
Scott and Stephanie Charles
Charlesmar Nominees
Alan and Patricia Cheers
Andrew and Barbara Chepul
Edward and Sharman Chia
Allan and Elaina Chlebna
Robert and Vera Ciancarelli
Peter and Mila Cichello
The late John Clarebrough AM (OX 1941) and the late Shirlie Clarebrough
Pat and Moira Clohessy
Patricia and the late Pierce Cody (OX 1947) 
John (OX 1935) and Joan Coffey
The late John and the late Barbara Collopy
John and the late Catherine Colosimo
Harold and Catheryne Commins
The late Mario Condello
The late John Condon (OX 1954) 
Mario and Adriana Congiu
James (OX 1979) and Emma Connell
Keith and Keryn Connor
The late Leon & the late Patricia Connors

Bill Conroy (OX 1970)
Judith and the late David Conroy (OX 1951) 

Antonio and Eda Conte
Paul Cooney
Anthony Correa (OX 1985) and Rebecca Hong
Joao and Marilyn Correa
The late Michael (OX 1949) and the late Dorothea Corridon
Michael (OX 1968) and Merrin Corrigan
Jim (OX 1950) and the late Carmel Cosgrave
Frank (OX 1979) and Connie Costanzo
Tim (OX 1968) and Gabrielle Costello
Richard and Anne Cotter
John and Gabrielle Coulson
Richard and the late Barbara Coyne
Richard (OX 1959) and Yvonne Crane
Kerry and Lynn Cummings
Michael and Marie Cummins
Phillip (OX 1963) and Jennifer Cummins
James and Libby Curtain
The late John and the late Ursula Curtain
Peter and Susan Cusack
Kevin and Maureen Custerson
Antonio and Lucy Da Silva
Patrick and Angela Davies
The late Roderick Davies (OX 1975)
Anastasia and the late Rolet De Castella (OX 1943)

Tony and Elizabeth De Cruz
Ernest Delasala (OX 1950)

Stephen and Sue Deane
Andrew and Claire Defendini
Desmond and the late Kathleen Delaney
James and Barbara Delany
Anthony Demarco
Rocky and Phyllis Demaria
Christine and the late Francis Dennis (OX 1964) 
The late Michael Denton OAM (OX 1966) and Marylou Denton
The late Beatrice Devlin
Franco (OX 1980) and Carmela Di Iorio
Michael and Rita Di Pietro
John Dillon OAM and Alison Dillon
Gavan and Margaret Disney
William Dixon (OX 1951)
Harijanto Djojopranoto and Gabriel Suwargo
Clifford and Janine Dobson
Peter (OX 1961) and Catherine Dobson
Paul and Angela Donnellan
John and Mrs Dorrington
Terry and Janie Dougherty
Peter (OX 1965) and Joan Douglas
John (OX 1959) and Patricia Dowling
Michael and Mrs Dowling
The late Esmond Downey AM (OX 1940) and the late Paddy Downey
Ann and the late John Doyle (OX 1950) 
Pauline and the late William Drake 
Michael Drapac
John Duggan (OX 1961)
Denis (OX 1960) and Pamela Dunlevie
Anne and Chris Dunstan
Rene (OX 1955) and Wendy Dupuche
Peter (OX 1968) & Pam Dwyer
James (OX 1969) and Carmel Dwyer
Mike and Rita Dwyer
Peter Dwyer OAM (OX 1969) and Pamela Dwyer
Kerry and Clare Dyer
James (OX 1972) and Vicki Dynon
Anthony and Anne Edmonds
Brendan and Madeleine Edwards
Maryrose and the late John Egan (OX 1956) 
Beverley and the late Gavin Elliott (OX 1952) 
Brendan (OX 1961) and Carol Ellis
The late John Ellis (OX 1960)
Mark Ellis AM (OX 1975) and Janet Ellis
Humphrey (OX 1972) and Mrs Enter
Michael and Bernadette Entwisle
John and Lynette Faithfull
John and Diedre Finemore
Sue and the late Paul Fitz

Dale and Maia Fitzgerald
Frederick (OX 1972) and Catherine Fitzgerald
Grattan (OX 1963) and Lucille Fitzgerald 
Richard Fleming and Sarah Rey
Chris Flipo (OX 1970)
Simon and Aileen Flood
The late Peter (OX 1942) and the late Helen Forrest
Peter (OX 1970) and Marian Forrest
John Fox and Mary Buchanan
Mrs Francis and the late Hec Francis (OX 1945) 
Terrence and Robyn Francis
Kevin (OX 1960) and Sandra Fraser
Kevin and Catherine Frawley
Ross and Carlene Freer
Bill and  Pat Frost
Jeremy (OX 1966) and Carmel Frost

Roland and Yolande Frost

Denzil Furtado (OX 2013)
Nicholas and Kerry Galante
Joseph (OX 1977) and Linda Galbally

Simon (OX 1974) and Prudence Galbally
Mary and the late William Galbraith (OX 1954)
The late Alan Gallagher (OX 1934) 
The late John & the late Clare Galvin
Ross and Shirley Gardiner
John (OX 1962) and Helen Gartlan
Richard and the late Marie Garvey
The late Rene and the late Helen Gehrig
Mary and the late Brian Gerraty (OX 1949) 
Neville (OX 1956) and Rosemary Gibson
Halina and the late Cecil Gill
David Gillard (OX 1963)

Paul and Barbara Gittings
Beth and the late Geoffrey Giudice AO (OX 1965)
Helen Gleeson
Peter and Anne Glynn

Timothy (OX 1977) and Sandra Golder
Stephen (OX 1981) and Patricia Gorman
Michael and Christine Gorton
Richard and Mary Goss
Tyler Goss and Susan Bowman
The late Keith & the late Carmel Grabau
Nicholas Green
Sebastian Greene (OX 1977) and the late Priscilla Kiernan
Patrick and Dianne Guiney
The late Mrs N Gunson
Bill Gurry AO (OX 1966) and Meg Gurry
John (OX 1954) and Erika Guy
Jeremy (OX 1964) and Jan Hammond
Peter and Jenny Hannan
Mrs and the late Mr J Hardy 
Peter and Elizabeth Harford
Philip Harford (OX 1996)
Peter Harrison (OX 1950)
John and Yumiko Hawkins
Arthur Hayes (OX 1956)
Brian and Joan Healey
Frank and Christine Healy
The late John & the late Lorraine Healy

Peter Heffey (OX 1958)
Hans and Irmgard Heidler
Warwick and Elizabeth Heil
Leigh Hemingway (OX 1968)
Sara and the late Michael Hennessy (OX 1964) 
Mark (OX 1976) and Cathy Henry
Bill Hetherington OAM (OX 1956) and Sue Hetherington
Jessica and the late Leonard Hickey (OX 1957) 
Gerard (OX 1980) and Ruth Higgins
Elizabeth Hill
Geoffrey and Judith Hindle
The late Barry and the late Marie Hipgrave 
Mark (OX 1971) and Donna Hipgrave
Paul and Chiyo Hirodo 
Victor and Susan Ho
Philip and Josette Hocking
Peter (OX 1956) and the late Mary Holbeach
Michael and Barbara Holloway
Joseph and Elizabeth Homsey
Damien and Sally Honan
The late Richard (OX 1943) and the late Joan Hoppe
Terry Horgan OAM (OX 1951) and the late Karen Horgan
John (OX 1953) and the late Lesley Horsfall
Peter (OX 1954) and Jo Howard
Peter (OX 1971) and Lindy Howard
The late Joan Hubbard 
Patrick (OX 1971) and Linda Hughes
Angela and the late Ted Hummerston 
John and Mary Hung
The late Francis Hurley (OX 1938)
Robert Hutchison (OX 1955)
John and Lena Iacovangelo
Tony and Fiorina Iacovangelo
Peter and Rosa Iacuone
The late Alexander Inge
David (OX 1974) and Alison Ingwersen
Michael (OX 1962) and Imelda Ingwersen
Damian and Sue Ireland
Sime and Zlata Ivanov
Geoffrey (OX 1965) & the late Susan Jost
John Jost (OX 1960)

Walter and Lyn Kane
Victor and Kathleen Karlov
Richard Kearney (OX 1974)
The late Michael (OX 1951) and the late Mrs Kelly
Peter (OX 1957) and Liz Kelly
John Kennedy AM and Anna Kennedy
John and Karen Kennedy
Kathleen and the late Frederick Kidd (OX 1952)
The late John Kiernan (OX 1934)
Mervyn Kiley
Ashley and Rosemaree Kilroy
Peter and Margherita King
John and Margaret Kokich
Mark and Rhonda Korda
Kostka Hall Community
Charles Kovess
Kevin Lally (OX 1966)
Lally Family
The late Sydney and the late Marie Lambrick
Lambrick Families and Fr G M Larkin
Michael and Rosa Lanteri
Mary Larkin
Gerald and the late Susannah Larratt
Peter and Kathleen Lauritsen
Damian (OX 1986) and Suzy Lee
David and Lydia Lee
John and Anna Lee
Philip and Stella Lee
Christine Lenaghan
Lisa Lesmana
Linton Lethlean OAM (OX 1960) and the late Mary Dooley
Jackson and Lucia Leung
Brian and Josephine Lidgerwood
Maurice and Mrs Lidgerwood
Mrs A and the late Allan Line 
Lions Club Market
Michael Logan (OX 1986) and Elizabeth Priddle
Sebastian and Nella Lo Giudice
Michael (OX 1967) and Jo Ann Lonergan
Karen Low
Rod and Diana Lowe
Gabriel and Pauline Lui
Adrian and Christine Lumb
Paul and Anne-Marie Lunardi
Bernard Lynch and Anna Pienkos

Chris MacIsaac (OX 1986) and Beth McConnell
The late Ian & the late Mrs MacIsaac
Carmelo and Lucy Magnano
Peter and Marilyn Maher
Fr George Maher (OX 1929)
Edward Mahony (OX 2007)

Michael and Jillian Mahony

Charles Maimone
Peter and Coral Mak
Graeme and Elizabeth Malouf
Domenic and Joanne Marchione
Stan Marinis and Charmaine Guest
Richard Marsh (OX 1973) and Jane Gorman
Jack Martin AO (OX 1954) and the late Mrs Martin
Paul and Sharon Martinez
Mary and the late Victor Maslen
Mark and Julie Matheson
John and Lucie May
Eric and Rita Mayne
John McCabe-Doyle (OX 1966)
Madeleine and the late Patrick McCabe (OX 1960)
Dermot (OX 1946) and the late Mrs McCarthy
Noel (OX 1962) and Catherine McClelland
The late John and the late Aileen McClusky
John (OX 1971) and Justine McCombe
Mark McCombe and Elizabeth Hunt
John McCormack (OX 1957)
Peter and Maria McCormack
Philip and Elena McCrone
Peter (OX 1968) and Margaret McDonnell
Ian (OX 1965) and Carol McEachern
Michael and Sali McFarlane
Peter and Janette McGann
Michael and Maria McGarvie
Alexander and Kathleen McGinnes
Barry and Maria McGrath
Daniel (OX 1995) and Jennifer McGrath
Dianne and the late John McGrath (OX 1944)
Maureen and the late David McGrath
Michael and the late Frances McGrath
John and Anne McGuire
Barry McInerney (OX 1956)
Michael and Roslyn McInerney
Catherine McKenzie
Mitchell McKenzie (OX 1965)
Pauline and the late Don McKinnon
Ian (OX 1987) and Sally McLean
Ray and Pauline McLean 
Edward McMahon (OX 1997)
Julian McMahon AC and Bernadette McMahon
Michael and Amanda McMahon
Thomas McMahon (OX 1991)
Brendan and Mary McManus
Geraldine and the late Peter McNamara (OX 1947)
Lois and the late Tony McNamara (OX 1947)
Patrick (OX 1968) and Merryl McNamara
Peter and Jennifer McNeill
Gregory Mead
Judy and the late Michael Meagher (OX 1958) 
Michael and Michele Meehan
Ron Meldrum KC (OX 1958) and Margot Meldrum
Francis Mendonca
The late Peter and the late Angela Menegazzo
Mark Mentha (OX 1977)
David and Eva Millie
Peter (OX 1989) and Dini Millie 
Nihad and Shatha Minas

John and Robyn Minski
Philip (OX 1972) and Jane Misso
Christopher and Julie Mogan
Patrick and Juanita Monahan
James Montgomery SC (OX 1966) and Susan Montgomery
David and Louise Moodie
Dennis and Nanci Mooney
Warner Mooney OAM and Jennifer Mooney
Barry (OX 1963) and Maureen Moore

The late Peter Moore (OX 1936)
Richard (OX 1947) and the late Jill Moore
William and Tanyth Moore
David Moran and Allison Rose
Trish and the late Gerald Moran
Lady Jocelyn Morris and the late Sir Peter Morris AC FRS FRCS (OX 1951)
James Mort (OX 1976) and Sarah McCarthy
Peter (OX 1969) and Mary Mortensen
David Muffet and Gemma Rigutto
Brian and Mary Mulcahy
Victor (OX 1964) and Barbara Mulder
Heather and Peter Murphy
Alan and Melva Murray
Peter and Tina Nadalin

Frank and Julianne Nadinic
David Nash and Lynette Chambers
Scott Nelson and Anne O’Shea-Nelson
Patti Newton AM and the late Bert Newton AM MBE
Philip and Patricia Ng
Owen (OX 1982) & Jacqui Niall
James (OX 1995) and Margaret Nicholls
Damien and Margaret Nolan
Michael (OX 1956) and Beverley Nolan
Peter and Helen Norman
Simon (OX 1993) and Rebecca Nunan
Alan Oakey (OX 1968) and the late Joan Oakey
Paul and Marie O'Brien
Richard O’Brien
Sherryn O’Brien
Margaret O'Bryan OAM and the late Norman O’Bryan (OX 1948)
Nicholas (OX 1979) and Catherine O'Bryan
Stephen O'Bryan SC (OX 1976) and Lisa O'Bryan
John (OX 1956) and the late Clare O’Callaghan
Barbara and the late Glynn O’Collins (OX 1953)
Posey and the late Jim O’Collins (OX 1950) 
Gregory (OX 1964) and Linda O'Connell
Paul O'Connor (OX 1986)
Frances and the late Patrick O’Halloran (OX 1961)
The late Kevin (OX 1940) and the late Shirley O’Halloran

Rodney and Irene O'Keefe
Kevin (OX 1960) and Winifred O'Loughlin
Anne O'Neil
Diana and the late Matthew O’Neill
Ann and the late Patrick O'Shaughnessy(OX 1953)
Rae and the late Peter O'Shaughnessy (OX 1958)
Sigrid and the late Desmond O’Shaughnessy (OX 1937)
Ed and Jenny O'Sullivan
Ignatius (OX 1982) and Alison O’Sullivan
Eric Pace (OX 1986)
Tony and Elizabeth Pane
Peter Pang and the late Maria Lee
Michelle Papadopoulos
Stephen Parnis (OX 1986) and Fiona Reilly
Bill and & Norah Patterson
Andrew Pattison OAM and Carolyn Pattison
Leonard and Lynn Paul
Stephen Peak (OX 1972)
Kent and Wendy Perdrisat
Simon (OX 1975) and Prudence Perrott
Philip and Bernadette Peyton
Norina and the late Aurelio Pezzimenti
Maurice Phipps KC & Christine Phipps
Simon Phipps (OX 1970)
Yvette Phipps
Robert and Rozanne Pianta
Roger and Barbara Picone
Michael and Elizabeth Pietryk
The late David (OX 1934) and the late Majorie Pitt
The late John Plunkett (OX 1946)
Alan and Margaret Pollard
Andrew (OX 1990) and Kate Polson
Cypriaan and Heather Poulus
Bernard and Helen Power
Christopher and Lindy Priest
Phillip Priest KC and Irene Priest
Ernesto and Diana Primavera
Julian (OX 1955) and the late Joy Prouse
The late David Quin AM (OX 1947) & the late Kerry Quin
Andrew (OX 1964) and Julienne Quinn
Ann and the late Neville Quinn
Frederick and Denise Rafton
The late Ian Rainford OAM, ED (OX 1948) & the late Avril Rainford
Ralph Family
Greg and Gabby Reardon

The late Wynne Reid
Susan and the late Luan Renouf (OX 1964)
The late Desmond Richardson (OX 1946)
Sam and Lilly Ristevski
Mark and Marea Robson
Craig and Anita Rodda
Kenneth Rodrigo (OX 1995)
Murray and Christine Ross
Anthony and Janice Rowlinson
Kevin Ruljancich
Robert (OX 1966) and Sue Rush
Edward (OX 1962) and Carmel Ryan
Laurence & Mrs Ryan
The late Philip Ryan AM (OX 1932) and the late Mavis Ryan
Sean and Joan Ryan
William (OX 1959) and Mary Ryan
John and Silvya Sabljak

James and Jennifer Sadler
Peter and Margaret Salter
Madge & the late John Sanders (OX 1955)
John Santamaria AM(OX 1969) and Jeanette Santamaria
Santilli Family
Sam and Jane Sapuppo
Leventea and Julianna Sarkady
Gregory (OX 1979) and Mary Savage
Luke and Cate Sayers
Brady (OX 1988) and Alex Scanlon
Julie and the late Jack Scanlan
Dominic and Rose Scarmozzino
Michael and Lailie Schauble
Stanley (OX 1952) and Pamela Schofield
Vincent and Judith Schutze
Mario Scroce and Anita Beck
Eric (OX 1977) and Andrea Seal
Brenda Shanahan Charitable Foundation
John and Maree Sharkey
Edmond and Julie Shkembi
Sarjit and Veronica Sidhu
Sidney Myer Charity Trust
Brian (OX 1963) and the late Wendy Sierakowski
Peter (OX 1973) and Leonie Silk
Stephen (OX 1972) and Helen Silk
The late Edward and the late Carmel Sim
The late Bob and the late Jean Sitch
Tony (OX 1977) and Sue Sitch
Lori Sitzler
Eugene and Maria Smarrelli 
James and Gabrielle Smith
John and the late Beverley Smith
Peter and Christine Smith
Bill (OX 1962) and Barbara Somerville
Rocky and Andrea Sorrenti
John (OX 1959) and Carole Spillane

Philip Spry-Bailey AO
Emmanuel and Jennifer Staub
Mark (OX 1975) and Kristen Stebnyckyj
Paul and the late Columba Steedman
David Stewart (OX 1985) and Kirsty Hibbins
Robert Stewart (OX 1982) and Orla Morrissey
Barry and Milly Stones
David (OX 1962) and Elizabeth Stoney
The late Ian Stoney (OX 1958)
Peter and Judy Stosius
Sally Stribley
Timothy (OX 1984) and Sylvia Stutt
Peter (OX 1961) and Helen Swan
Brian and Margaret Sweeny
James and Jenny Swinden
Ernest and Mary Tang
Sylvio and Christine Tang
Stanley Tay and I-Lynne Lee
Brian and Lucy Taylor
Leong and Florence Teh
Anthony (OX 1959) and Joan Tehan
Adrian and Roma Thomas
The late David (OX 1961) and the late Linda Thomas
John and Lorraine Thomas
Augustinus Tien and Grace Lin
Colin and Maureena Tilley
Brian (OX 1975) and Debra Timms 
Paul and Kathleen Tomkinson
Jotin Tonjam and Tam Ningobam
Laurence and Susana Toovey
Andrew (OX 1985) and Fiona Tosolini
Anne and the late Corvan Townsend
Adam Trescowthick (OX 1982) and Brigitte Day
Peter and Skye Trescowthick
Andrew Troy 
Denis (OX 1960) and Elizabeth Tucker 
Tucker Family Trust
Patrick and Rosemary Tuohey
Allan and Geraldine Tyrrell
Walter Uhlenbruch AM and Val Uhlenbruch
University of Melbourne
Joyce and the late Dieter Unterlechner
Angelo and Silvana Valente
Chris and Ann Vanderkley
Mathew and Constance Varughese
Matthew and Sarah Vaughan
Gilbert and Dianne Verey
Marcello and Joanne Verrocchi

John (OX 1959) and Margaret Vidovich
Frank and Frances Vinci
Salvatore and Maria Vitale
Geoffrey and Margaret Walsh
Peter and Christine Walsh
Steven Wang and Grace Gao

Judy Ward and the late Philip Molyneux AM (OX 1962) 

Graeme and Judith Warren
John (OX 1963) and Catherine Warry
John and Nicki Weekley
Roger and Jenni Wescombe
Bernard and Helen Wheelahan
The late Owen & the late Elizabeth Whelan
Earleen and the late Robin Whitehead (OX 1955)
David (OX 1973) and Maree Whiting
Richard and Robyn Whiting
Michael (OX 1967) and Marianne Whittington
Noel and the late Anne Wickham
Peter (OX 1959) and Elizabeth Williams
Ronald and Mary-Anne Williams
Mabel Wilson
Peter Willis (OX 1973) and Eleneth Woolley
Robert Willsher

Michael (OX 1965) and Georgia Wilson
Michael (OX 1997) and Joanne Wilson
The late Patricia Wilson
Ursula and the late Tony Wilson (OX 1958)

The late Ian (OX 1942) the late and Mrs Wilton
Mrs and the late Edward Wittenberg
Michael and Melinda Wood 
The late Imelda Woodford 
Woolley Charitable Trust
Mark (OX 1981) and Catherine Worsnop
John and Elizabeth Wright-Smith
Greg Wrobel and Kathy Comport
Tom Wu & Shannon Kwok
Roshdy and Afifa Yacoub
Michael and Philomena Yii
Ringo and Amy Yuen
Anthony and Maria Zagami



Philip Adami (OX 1956)
Denise and the late Arthur Anderson
The late Sir Kevin Anderson (OX 1928)
David Appleby
N Assetta
Lesley and the late John Bailey (OX 1950) 
Mario and Mrs Baldassarre 
Geoffrey (OX 1956) and Denise Belleville
The late Anthony Bendall
The late Helen Boffa
Heber Boland
J Boland
Jack (OX 1962) and Meg Bowen
Kenneth and Marlene Bowes
Pedro and Jean Braga
The late George Brew (OX 1944) and the late Monica Brew
Nancy and the late Anthony Brown (OX 1943)
Michael (OX 1953) and Denise Burke
Joan and the late William Burne (OX 1941)
The late John Burnes (OX 1955)
Robert and Lois Caleo
June and the late Peter Callil (OX 1952) 
The late Margaret Cavallo
Christine Chan
Gwenda Chisholm
Alan and Yvonne Clarke
J Connell
The late Dorothea Corridon
Mrs J Costella
Denis and Jan Dalton
Desmond (Joe) and the late Kathleen Delaney
T Di Mattina
A and Mrs Dilisio
William Dooley
The late Vincent and the late Shirley Doquile

John and Mrs Dorrington
Laurence and Margaret Doupe
John (OX 1959) and Patricia Dowling
John Duggan (OX 1961)
The late Paul and the late Mary Duggan
Rene (OX 1955) and Wendy Dupuche
Paul and Joan Evans
Mr R and Dr Fels
Joseph and Hilda Flipo
Josephine and the late Michael Freeman (OX 1956) 
Nicholas & Kerry Galante
The late Frank Galbally
Francis (OX 1951) and Lina Gallichio
The late John and the late Clare Galvin
Gianna and the late John Gangitano
J and Mrs Garvey
Rene and the late Helen Gehrig

Hugh and Lois Gooden
John and Mary Green
Brian and Joan Healey
Peggy and the late Gerry Higgins
Pam and the late Des Hoban (OX 1934) 
Geoff and the late Marie Honan
Pauline and the late Geoff Hook OAM
Ramon Jeffery
Brigitta and the late Peter Johnson
Robert and Helen Johnston
Marie and the late Gerry Joyce

Ward and the late Marcia Keebaugh
J Keenan
John and the late Beverley Kennedy
P Ketsakidis
Alf and Janet King
The late Kevin (OX 1950) and the late Patricia King
Ronald and Denise King
The late Sydney and the late Marie Lambrick
B Leake
Imre and Tricia Lele

Brian and Josephine Lidgerwood
Maurice and Mrs Lidgerwood
David Lunn (OX 1952)
Wendy and the late Donald Macdonald (OX 1937)
The late Ian and the late Mrs MacIsaac
Brian Manley
The late Max Manning
The late John and the late Aileen McClusky
John McEncroe OAM (OX 1957)

The late John (OX 1940) and the late Mary McGauran
Reginald (OX 1958) and Helen McKay
The late Allan McLean (OX 1952)
Patricia and the late Nestor Mendes
The late Aimee Millership
Rafaele and Concetta Mimmo
Francis (OX 1946) and Colette Moorhead
Serena and Wayne Morrison AM
Melton and Christina Mowbray
The late Kon and the late Jill Muller
Thomas and Marie Nolan
S Nolch
Michael and Carmen O'Brien
Sean O'Donnell
Doone and the late Frank O'Sullivan
C and Mrs Pellegrino
The late Jim and the late Moira Peters
Dudley Podbury (OX 1954)
Ernesto and Diana Primavera
Maureen and the late Ronald Prowse
Robert and Marie Rogers
Laurence and Mrs Ryan
Mirella and the late Alfredo Salera
Alfred Salter
The late R Santilli
James Shaw
William Shorten
Peter (OX 1957) and Marsha Slattery
John Smith
Jackie and the late Peter Smith (OX 1946)

Tricia and the late Michael Somerville (OX 1951)
Dorothy Speakman
John (OX 1959) and Carole Spillane
Paul Steedman
Margaret and the late Alan Stocks
The late Jack (OX 1935) and the late Honor Stutt
The late Ian Stoney (OX 1958)
The late Hugh and the late Nanette Tighe

A and Mrs Torriero
Patricia and the late John Webb (OX 1947) 
The late Peter and the late Nona Willis
Allan (OX 1953) and Natalie Woodley
The late Eddie Wittenberg
John and and the late Elizabeth Wright-Smith
Naomi Wright-Smith