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Laurels Lunch


“At its heart, the Laurel’s Society is a commitment to College community life. It seeks to support Xavier in the present and to be involved literally in building the College’s future” – John Fox, Laurel’s Society Member

The Xavier College Laurel’s Society (previously Laurel’s Club) held a member’s lunch at the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club to present its newest members with their badge and to meet the new Principal of Xavier, Mr William Doherty.

After being established almost 18 years ago, the Laurel’s Society has worked tirelessly to support and continue the legacy of the Bequest Committee; a subcommittee of the Xavier Foundation originally established by Dr John Webb.

The name ‘Laurel’s’ draws on a fondly remembered College magazine, produced originally by the Old Xaverians’ Association from 1937 until 1983, which is now succeeded by the publication of Xavier News.

The Society now comprises of around 100 members, each with a vision for Xavier College and with a commitment to educating young people in the Jesuit tradition. They have both sought to support the College in their lifetime and to provide for it after they are gone.

Fri, 24 Nov 2017