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“We are very fortunate men here at Xavier and we receive an education that many others are not able to receive, and we should not for a fleeting instant take this for granted. There are many people who would love the opportunity to attend Xavier but are not able to do so due to their financial circumstances. This year, we are excited that our lasting legacy to the school is the ‘Class of 2016 Bursary’, where we can give a deserving student the opportunity to attend Xavier College in Years 11 & 12."

MARK BURGESS 2016 School Captain


Students at Xavier believe they are at this school to be Men for Others. As the Jesuit ethos goes ‘To give and not to count the cost.’ The Class of 2016 could not think of any greater legacy to leave with the school than to give the opportunity for students to attend Xavier who otherwise may never have had the opportunity.


Every year, it is customary that each year 12 cohort attempts to raise funds to leave a parting gift for the College.

The Class of 2016 decided on something very different. For the first time the Class of 2016, a student led initiative, wanted to go above and beyond and raise funds for a full VCE Bursary for a new student who otherwise may not be able to afford education at Xavier College in Years 11 and 12.

Our goal was to establish a fund that would not just help one student, but many over the years to come. There is currently $60,000 in our bursary fund and we require $140,000 more to have this bursary sustain itself in perpetuity.
Gifts can be made to the Xavier College Foundation Class of 2016 Bursary, via online payment, cheque, credit card or electronic payment or by contacting the Foundation office directly.

Heather Murphy

Phone: (03) 9815 4542


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By establishing our Class of 2016 Bursary Fund, we have already changed the life of one person by providing him with opportunities he and his family could only have dreamed of. The inaugural recipient of our bursary, completed his Year 12 studies in 2018 and is currently undertaking a Degree at RMIT. 

Initially the students raised more than their goal of $60,000 which fully funded a Xavier education for two years. Beyond this, the Class of 2016 hope that further funds will be raised to have the bursary sustain itself in perpetuity.

FINANCIAL GOAL $60,000 - 100%

FUTURE GOAL $140,000 - 0%