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“The influence Xavier has had on me has been unbelievable. Xavier has been a part of my life for a long while. One of the reasons I want to give back to the school is that I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Xavier and the influences it’s had on me."

JOHN JOHNSTON (OX 1953) Donor and Foundation Member

John has chosen to make a Bequest to the Xavier Foundation to give the son of an Old Xaverian from the country the same opportunity he had to attend Xavier and experience the wonderful education and opportunities this brings.


Yesterday, today and tomorrow - An institution as revered as Xavier College has evolved through the immense generosity and unconditional giving of a great many selfless men and women over a great many years. The College owes a tremendous debt to many extraordinarily generous people who have given through times of both prosperity and extreme hardship.


The splendid vision of a modern Xavier College is, to a significant extent the result of those who have so generously given before.

Gifts in the form of a bequest provide critical resources to help ensure that the standard of excellence set by the College will be met for future generations.

You have the power to make that happen so with this in mind, all friends of Xavier are asked to look to the future and consider, after having provided for loved ones, bequeathing a gift - be it large or small to the Xavier College Foundation. Please remember the Xavier College Foundation in your estate plans. Your gift makes a difference.

To celebrate and share with the wider Xavier College community what can and has been achieved through bequests to the Foundation. We aim to promote the Laurels Society to expand the membership and thus help new generations of Xavier students. 

There are many ways you can set up a bequest. To discuss the possibilities and options, please contact us at the Xavier College Foundation Office.

Heather Murphy

Phone: (03) 9815 4542


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“I have had 18 years continuous involvement with Xavier College. It’s a wonderful school. I think what sets Xavier apart is the wonderful facilities, the Jesuit ethos and education, and a great number of Jesuit people and leadership”


James King has two boys who attended the college and in early 2000, he was asked to join the College Council. He was interested in making a contribution to the College and he became the chairman of the subcommittee that was responsible for the overseeing of the building of the Science Wing and the Performing Arts Centre (EHPAC).

As a family, James and his wife have decided that when the time comes, they would like to leave a legacy behind so that other students and parents can be give the same opportunities his boys and family have had at Xavier.



When you make a bequest to Xavier College you become a member of the Laurels Society, a membership group which recognises those who have advised the Foundation of their intentions to make a bequest to the College during their lifetime.

The Society allows the Foundation to thank the members and provide them with the recognition they deserve, inviting them to special events and keeping members informed and in touch with the school and its students. By advising us of your wishes and joining the Laurels Society, this may inspire others to also consider a similar gift.

Laurels Society Members



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