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Down through the decades, a great many benefactors, inspired by the breadth and depth of the Jesuit vision, have, through the generosity of their gifts, turned the dream of a building at Xavier into reality. All buildings on each of our campuses have come about in this way.


We are blessed at Xavier College with three beautiful campus settings, housing the very best in educational facilities.

Such educational settings need to grow, to change and to be updated as educational practice evolves. Many people prefer the idea of either leaving a bequest or a donation to the College which ultimately will be expressed in terms of bricks and mortar. The Xavier Building Fund which also attracts tax deductibility, manages funds raised specifically for this purpose.

Ongoing financial expertise to assist with funding of capital growth and building facilities.

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“We have inherited beautiful buildings and wonderful sporting facilities so it is imperative that new donors keep coming forward to support the generosity of those who have come before them, thus keeping alive the vision of Fr Peter Brennan SJ, of making Xavier an ever better school and accessible to as wide a cross-section of the community as possible”

GRAHAM SHARP, former Director of Development and Foundation Fellow